Dr. Kay Van Erem has been a practicing dentist in Bismarck, North Dakota for over 28 years.  Dr. Van Erem grew up in Bismarck and knows the value of being a community dentist who really cares about her patients.  Kay's precision and attention to detail is her passion within her work in the field of dentistry.

Bismarck Family Dental serves the entire family; from youngsters just getting their teeth to golden age grandparents who want to look their best. We have many multi-generational families that come to us for their dental needs here in Bismarck.  

Our services include Family Dentistry, Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges, Teeth Whitening, Teeth Cleaning, Root Canal, TMJ Assessments, Gum Disease and preventive dental care.  Our commitment is to provide  you the highest standard of personalized dental care. 

We trust you will find our office welcoming, our staff friendly and our dental services exceptional. Please call us at 701-222-8229 to schedule an appointment at Bismarck Family Dental today! 
Bismarck Dentist

Bismarck Family Dentist: Dr. Kay Van Erem

Dr. Kay Van Erem is your local Bismarck Family Dentist. Kay has over 20 years of Professional Family Dental Experience serving the Bismarck North Dakota Community.

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“My family has been a patient of Dr. Van Erem for over 20 years.  Her professionalism, her skill as a dentist and her compassion for her patients exceeds our expectation in a dentist.  We highly recommend her to our friends and family on a regular basis.” Jane B.

“I went to see Dr. Van Erem for a second opinion.  She took the time to explain and give me options.  My previous dentist just wanted to crown my teeth and never gave me options to correct my problem.  I am very happy with my dental care at Dr. Van Erem’s office.”  Gaylene B.
“Last year my dentist of 25 years retired and I needed to find another dentist that I could relate to, but more importantly would have my best interest at heart.  Choosing Dr. Van Erem was the best decision I ever made.  Dr. Van Erem, the hygienists, and the staff have made my dental experiences wonderful.  Thanks, Dr. Van Erem, for taking such good care of me; I trusted you from the first visit we had.” Gail W.

“We find the staff informative, friendly, timely, and precise!  They are very accommodating for special needs.” Arvilla P.

Kay A. Van Erem, D.D.S.